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Results of the Photo Competition “UNCOVER NICOSIA”

Unique photographs of the city and the life of Nicosia were submitted to the photo competition “Uncover Nicosia” organized by the Nicosia Tourism Board. Participants could submit photos for eight different categories: 

1.     Heritage (e.g. Museums, Monuments, Religious and Archaeological sites)
2.      Urban Life (e.g. Neighborhoods, street art, street life)
3.      Natural environment (e.g. nature, trails, parks, gardens, water)
4.      Architecture (modern and old)
5.      Food photography (e.g. produce, wine, food)
6.      Tradition (e.g. traditional products, customs)
7.      Activities (e.g. festivals, sports, markets, events)
8.      People (e.g. portraits, traditional professions)

The winners of the competition for each category are:

Heritage: Philippos Michael
Urban Life: Elena Georgiou
Natural Environment: Kyriacos Arcatites
Architecture: Katia Ioannou
Food photography: Kyriacos Arcatites
Tradition: Kyriacos Arcatites
Activities: Lia Papoui
People: Michalis Demetriades 

All photographs were assessed by our Assessment Panel which consisted of:

-Paschalis Paschali, Associate Professor, Head - Department of Design and Multimedia, University of Nicosia
-Elena Stylianou, Assistant Professor in Art History and Theory, Department of Arts, European University Cyprus
-George Kyriazis, PhD-Candidate, Department of Architecture, University of Cyprus
-Nicolas Lampouris, Lecturer, Department of Applied Arts, Frederick University
-Kyriaki Costa, Artistic Director, Non-Profit Organization Phaneromenis 70
-Andros Papageorgiou, Senior Tourist Officer, Cyprus Tourism Organisation

The winning photos will receive a prize of 100 euros each, while the best photos of each category will be exhibited at the Gallery of Skali Cultural Centre in Aglantzia, between 20 and 25 June 2017, 17:00-21:00. The opening of the exhibition and the awards ceremony will take place on Wednesday, 21 June 2017, at 20:00. 

Nicosia Tourism Board
18 May 2017