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Cyprus, the gift which keeps on giving.

You may think of Cyprus as a Mediterranean spot with beautiful beaches and permanent 
sun, the perfect place for holidays. Cyprus is also at the crossroads between many ancient 
civilisations. However we can’t ignore its geopolitical situation which appears at the edge of 
a street, a neighbourhood or a landscape.

One year ago, Marie Grosjean moved to Nicosia and fell in love with the island, through 
stunning encounters and a unique welcome from locals. She felt immediately at home. As 
a photography fan, she decided to invite three French professional photographers to share 
their vision of Cyprus.

Anne-Catherine Codsi has been living in Nicosia for one year and her work is taking us 
through the daily street life of the island .
Adeline Bommart is showing a selection of landscapes highlighting both the visible and 
the invisible part of the political situation.
Thomas Deschamps, architect and photographer, is looking for the void left after the 
separation in Nicosia.
Centre of Cultural Heritage 
10 Alexander the Great - Old Lefkosia 1010
+357 22 003 111

Open Tuesday to Saturday 10am to 1pm & 5pm to 8pm
Part of the proceeds will go to Cyprus Stop Trafficking Association