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CutlVet Erasmus +

CutlVet Erasmus +

Joint Qualification for Vocational Education and Training (VET) centres in the Field of Cultural Tourism – CulTVET

WELCOME NOTE from the partner countries (Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Italy)

Recent years, cultural tourism is the spearhead of any efforts for the diversification of the tourism offer particularly to overcome the seasonality of the «sea and sun» model. However, human capital resources for an enterprise operating in the cultural tourism sector is in great need.

Based on these, CultVET, a 2-year-long project, is aiming to contribute to the further growth of the tourism sector through the development of a European Joint Qualification for VET (Vocational & Educational Training) centres in the cultural tourism field, with a strong work-based component.

The participants in this Joint Qualification will have the chance to be trained through a joint curriculum based on the needs of the sector, taking into consideration the European experience collaborating with their colleagues in other countries and learning through their participation in a real work environment.

Partners that are participating in the consortium are the Seville Chamber of Commerce,
Action Synergy – Athens, Chambers’ Group for the development of Greek Isles, KEKAPEL – Greece, ACTA Athens, Nicosia Tourism Board (NTB), Forma Camera – Italy, IIS Luigi Einaudi – |Italy, Nuevas Profesiones Spain, Eurosuccess Consulting – Cyprus.

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