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Farmakas the Beautiful Village of Machairochoria

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Troodos Foothill Village with Herbal Heritage

Where Tradition and Healing Herbs Blend

Farmakas is a village in the Nicosia district, situated 5 km east of Palaichori and 40 km away from Nicosia. Moreover, it is nestled in the foothills of the Troodos mountains.

A tradition says that the name of the village derived from the adjective or the profession of the first man who resided here and who made medicines from products produced by the many herbs that grew in the area. Additionally, a second explanation is that the area they were collecting herbs for medicines made by the monks. Consequently, Farmakas would be the area with various herbs. Furthermore, a third explanation regarding the name of the village is that the name originated from ‘ farmatziin ‘ (poison), depicting the bitter cold during the winter months.

Here are the 7 reasons why you should visit this picturesque village

first 3 reasons

Central location: Its location makes it an ideal platform to explore rural Cyprus – the villages of the mountain region. Additionally, it is still relatively close to all main cities, Limassol, Nicosia, Larnaca, and Paphos. This ensures you do not miss out on the sun, beach, and city aspects.

Wonderful climate: Staying in Farmakas is ideal for a short escape during your trip to Cyprus. Moreover, it can be a great option and refreshing change to the summer heat, or a cosy journey during the cooler months. Similarly, the same holds true for those already living in Cyprus, offering the perfect weekend and holiday break.

The church of Santa Irene: It is located in the town’s centre near the town’s coffee shop. Furthermore, the church is stone-built and is in a basilica style with a dome.

remaining 4 reasons

Local products: While you are in Farmakas, make sure to try the local produce, as it is all grown there. Additionally, the town is known for the various fruits and vegetables it produces. In October, the town also hosts a festival for the tomatoes produced there. Furthermore, the town is also known for the quality of water and wine produced there. During your stay, pick some of the spoon sweets produced by Eleni Antoniou Vasiliou, who was awarded by the government for her traditional desserts in 2009. She makes all types of spoon sweets including walnuts, cherries, watermelons, bitter oranges, pears, bergamot, and orange. Lastly, do not forget to pay a visit to Militsa Apple Cider facilities, where premium apple cider fermented in Farmakas is produced!

A place for nature lovers: Walk on the many nature and hiking trails in the Troodos Mountains (Part of the Unesco Global Geopark). Additionally, go cycling to explore Cyprus’s hidden land.

Accommodation with local hospitality: To stay, you will want to book a place at Farmakas Living. Moreover, this inn is made up of homes that have been renovated and turned into suites for rent. Additionally, they all offer breakfast and are in the centre of the village. Lastly, there are five apartments available for a great escape.

A destination for foodies and wine lovers: The winery Saint Irene should also be one of your stops. Furthermore, the winery produces local varieties, and it focuses on the production of quality wines with an authentic Cypriot character. For food, you will want to stop in the restaurant Ierambelos, which is part of the Saint Irene winery and creates dishes that are paired with the varieties produced there. Additionally, the restaurant is known for the Greek and Cypriot cuisine it produces. Moreover, there is an à la carte menu available on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, while on Sunday they have a buffet.

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