Visit Nicosia

Old Town

Cyprus’ diminutive size is greatly disproportionate to the wealth of treasures that you will discover during your visit to its capital. Dating back to the Bronze Age, Nicosia is perhaps the only area of Cyprus that has been continuously inhabited since the Chalcolithic Era (3000 B.C until present day), with its first inhabitants settling in the fertile Mesaoria Valley. […]

Modern City

Nicosia is a city that will reward visitors in search of ‘something different’. As a result of the various architectural influences that are visible throughout the city, one cannot help but be charmed by the manner in which past and present, traditional and contemporary have seamlessly fused together. […]


Centrally located on the island, Nicosia serves as the administrative, political, financial and cultural capital of Cyprus. The country’s most important museum is here, with its impressive archaeological collection, while with more than fifteen museums, Nicosia has something for every taste. The Old City with its rounding start-shaped fortifications is a labyrinth if narrow streets, teaming with churches, mosques and beautiful, often dilapidated colonial houses.