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Lythrodontas the Olive Groves Village

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Olive-Grove Charm in Machairas

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The name of the village, according to the Great Cyprus Encyclopaedia, “was first derived by the first resident who was named “Erythrodontas”, meaning a person with red teeth. The same is also mentioned on a document of the Community Council’s records. According to this document, Erythrodontas, who was called Lythrodontas as the years went by, was a big land owner of the area and he had some kind of a flaw with his teeth.

The main church of Lythrodontas is dedicated to Agios Therapontas. The remaining churches of the village are dedicated to Archangel Michael, to Agios Georgios and to Panagia (Virgin Mary). Moreover, situated southwest of Lythrodontas is the old Monastery of Prophet Elias, which is today owned by the Monastery of Machairas.

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Photo credits: | Vasilis Karanikas | Feel Alive outdoors | Salonika View

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