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While the measures to restrict traffic were in force, many people either turned to the bicycle market or took out their old bicycles, repaired them and ride across the parks and the cities. Today we suggest four different places in Nicosia where you can go cycling with your family or friends and enjoy the sense of freedom that cycling offers and the beauty of nature near the city!

Athalassa National Park

A reference point for cycling, running or walking! Very close to the city, it has several kilometres of bike path which guides you to the beauties of the park! The bike path is of low difficulty with a few gentle ups and downs. The park also has a lake where you can watch the birds from the bird observatory. You can go to the park either by bike if you live nearby, or by car. The park is an oasis for exercise near the city centre. At the entrance, there is a large parking space, just behind the General Hospital of Nicosia. Moreover, there is a cafeteria, toilets and a playground for children.

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Linear park of Pediaios

A real gem for the Nicosia area is the bike path that starts from Anthoupolis and ends almost in the centre of Nicosia. A wonderful route in the green, next to the Pediaios river, away from the traffic and the noise. Using the bike path you can comfortably reach the city centre and enjoy your coffee or your walk with your family and friends. Following the same route, you will return safely enjoying a wonderful landscape. Along the way and not far from it you can visit the core of old Strovolos or Agioi Omologites, stop for a rest in the small parks. The bike path is 14 km long. If you do not live nearby and need to get there by car and then pick up your bike, along the park you will find plenty of parking spaces to leave. There are also several cafes along the bike path.

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Academy Park

Another park in the heart of the city which has a nice bike path. Among huge eucalyptus trees and pines, the Academy Park offers a short getaway for the residents of the surrounding area while it joins the wider area with bike paths. Despite its small size, the Academy Park is ideal for a short daily bike ride. There are several car parks in and around the park as well as cafes and other entertainment venues.

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Nicosia inside the walls

Old Nicosia may not have bike lanes, but it is ideal for an enjoyable bike ride. The low speed of the cars in the narrow streets of the old city improves the feeling of security of the cyclist while the wonderful old buildings and the beautiful balconies decorated with flowers, add a sweet note to the bike ride! Do not forget to cycle to the historic area of Agios Cassianos and the Famagusta Gate and be photographed at the Monument of Freedom! In old Nicosia you will find some of the oldest houses in the city, the National Gallery, several thematic Museums, galleries, statues and many old churches! If you go for a bike ride on weekdays you can also see several craftsmen such as candle makers, blacksmiths, chair makers, cobblers, tailors and coppersmiths who traditionally operate their handicrafts. The bike ride is enriched by several options for a refreshing drink or food in the small cafes.

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