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The prospects for tourism development are on the table and a delegation of the Nicosia Tourism Board headed by the president Theodoros Kriggou, held a series of meetings with the community leaders Mr. Christakis Xenofontos (Pharmaka), Mr. Nikos Ioannou (Kambi), Mr. Sofikos (Mr. Koulli Rozou (Gourri) and Mr. Phryni Papadopoulou (Lasagna). The meetings recorded the prospects for the development of new authentic routes and points of interest in the specific communities.

Nicosia Tourism Board had the opportunity to consider the possibility of assistance in projects that are planned or are in the process of implementation. The issue of co-organizing joint events was also raised. At the same time, the Community authorities were informed regarding the financial opportunities that exist from the Plans of the Ministry of Tourism.

The meetings were also attended by members of the youth councils Farmaka and Kampi, while at the same time visits were made to local households (sweets of Eleni, speaker production workshop “Militsa”), the household of Maria Charalambous (tomato products) and the traditional sausages H & M, which promote the Cypriot gastronomy. ETAP Nicosia also visited the local Folk Art Museums in Kambi, Gourri and Fikardou.

Nicosia Tourism Board considers that the role is crucial and that these companies and the youth can play a big role in the development of tourism in mountain communities, as this sector can be a healthy field of economic progress.

Nicosia Tourism Board

Nicosia Tourism Board is a non-profit organization founded in 2007 as part of the strategic planning and plan of the Ministry of Tourism. The purpose of Nicosia Tourism Board is the development and promotion of both the city and the region of Nicosia and their transformation into a quality year-round tourist destination. In order to achieve its actions, Nicosia Tourism Board cooperates with various bodies at local, regional and international level, both in the public and private sector. Its main pillars of activity are cultural and creative tourism, conference and professional tourism, religious tourism, sports as well as wellness tourism.