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The partners of the project FAST (Facilitating Accessibility in Support of Tourism) had their 3rd transnational meeting in Vienna, Austria. The meeting was held from Tuesday, February the 22nd to Wednesday, February the 23rd, at the facilities of the partner organization BEST in Vienna.

The partners from Slovenia, Austria, Cyprus, Portugal, and Greece discussed the 3rd reporting period of the project and the progress of dissemination activities. Partners are currently working on developing the third intellectual output, the purpose of which is developing training materials for the job profile of the Accessible Travel Facilitator. The output will be led by the Portuguese partner SPI and Greek partner OECON. Altogether 5 learning modules will be developed for the training of the ATF (Accessible Travel Facilitator). At the meeting, each partner presented one training module that they will be working on. The modules will focus on different types of disabilities, cultural differences, tourism, diversity of disabilities and their ICT needs/barriers, and communication.

The next meeting will be organized by the Cypriot partner Nicosia Tourism Board (NTB) in Nicosia, on 17th- 18th May 2022. The aim of this meeting is to discuss the progress of the third intellectual output and the TTT event, which will be held in Slovenia in June. The aim of the TTT event is to test the training materials developed by the consortium in order to further improve if necessary.