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The Nicosia Tourism Board has succeeded in joining the International Confederation of the “Phoenicians ‘route” (Phoenicians’ route), the certified cultural route of the Council of Europe.

The “Phoenician Road” is the connection of the great naval routes used by the Phoenicians, from the 12th century BC, as important routes for trade and cultural communication in the Mediterranean. Through these routes, the Phoenicians and other great Mediterranean civilizations contributed to the creation of a Mediterranean cultural community.

The route crosses all the Mediterranean countries, including many countries in North Africa and the Middle East, thus strengthening their historical ties. The cities of the Mediterranean were the stopping points of a journey along the “Phoenician road”, through which people exchanged objects, knowledge and experiences. The “Phoenix Road” aims to show the traveller the common heritage of the Mediterranean, connecting the countries of three continents and more than 100 cities, descended from ancient Mediterranean cultures.

The International Confederation of the “Phoenix Road” aims to improve intercultural dialogue between Mediterranean countries, while promoting the European heritage associated with the Mediterranean. In addition, its aim is to promote the International Network of the “Phoenix Road” as well as the program, activities and values ​​of the Council of Europe.

Following its inclusion in the Network of the “Phoenix Road”, Nicosia Tourism Board is planning events as well as other actions to promote the Network in order to highlight the cultural heritage of Nicosia.