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With the support of the Nicosia Tourism Board, the ORIENTACTION Club organizes a guidance event near the village of Sia, on Sunday, April 11th.

Orienteering or “Orientation” is a sport of orientation that uses specially designed and detailed maps, with the help of which athletes try to locate points in the forest, countryside, or residential area, through which they must pass as quickly as possible before they reach the finish line.

Nicosia Tourism Board, as a sponsor of the event, seeks to give the opportunity to people of all ages to go out in nature and spend an interesting breakfast in the area, following one of the three available programs included in the event. Starts will be available between 10:30 and 11:30 on Sunday morning. Participants must register online before Thursday, April 8 at the following link:

The event will apply all the protocols of the Ministry of Health and the instructions of the CSO for protection against the coronavirus. More information is available at the event link on Facebook (

Nicosia Tourism Board

The Nicosia Region Tourism Development and Promotion Company is a non-profit organization founded in 2007 as part of the strategic planning and plan of the Ministry of Tourism.

The purpose of Nicosia Tourism Board is the development and promotion of both the city and the region of Nicosia and their transformation into a quality year-round tourist destination. In order to achieve its actions, Nicosia Tourism Board cooperates with various bodies at local, regional and international level, both in the public and private sector. Its main pillars of activity are cultural and creative tourism, conference and professional tourism, religious tourism, sports as well as wellness tourism.