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There is nothing better than a weekend away and there is equally no better enjoyment than a great brunch with friends and family. Try to combine both and escape to the Nicosia’s beautiful villages and enjoy a Cypriot brunch surrounded by the beauty of nature. These choices will provide you with that perfect brunch and great views to take in the natural surroundings. Make sure that you will make your reservation on time!

To Gouriotiko – Gourri, Nicosia

There’s something special about Gourri village in the foothills of the Machairas mountain forest, evoking a real feeling of yesteryear with its mud-brick houses topped my terracotta tiled roofs. It’s also incredibly peaceful, totally quaint and hasn’t been touched by modernity in the slightest. Enter Tavernaki to Gouriotiko: a traditional tavern in the centre of the village that perfectly reflects this cute and charming appeal. Don’t expect any sort of modern or fancy twist for your breakfast here. Instead, you’ll be feasting on the classic Cypriot breakfast come weekend which includes fried eggs, sausages, halloumi, toast and honey. For those looking to satiate their sweet tooth, savoury crepes are also on offer.

For more information call +357 22 633789 or +357 99 664919

Address: 40 Grigoris Afxentiou Street, Gourri, Nicosia

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Potamos Tavern – Kambi Farmaka, Nicosia

In the small village of  Kambi, near Farmakas, you will find the tavern Potamos. Enjoy a traditional Cypriot breakfast on the weekend from 8:30am until 11am, which includes fresh baked bread, locally grown tomatoes, cucumbers, sausages, eggs (boiled or fried), lountza, olives, grilled halloumi, jams, and anari cheese. 

For more information call +357 22 643315

Address: Kambi Farmaka, Nicosia

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Riverland Bio Farm – Kambia, Nicosia

Just outside of the capital, you will find the village of Kambia and the Riverland Bio Farm. All the products made at the farm a made there and they serve an organic breakfast, which includes: milk, yoghurt, eggs, vegetables, olives, halloumi, and tea or coffee.

For more information call +357 99 592598.

Address: July 9 Street, Kambia, Nicosia.

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Filimon Gefsis, Politiko, Nicosia

This unassuming place may be nothing to look at on the outside, and it’s tucked away in a relatively unknown village outside Nicosia; Politiko to be exact. And if you didn’t know any better, you’d be left wondering what all the fuss is about – try to just turn up to find a table on any given weekend and you’ll probably be unlucky. So what’s the deal? There’s a few good reasons why Filimon Gefsis:is popular: the environment is refreshingly casual, no-nonsense, warm and friendly. And it’s run by local folks who are known for making high-quality Filimon Gefsis Cypriot deli meats and who use their own meaty treats in their dishes. Whether you want to indulge as tradition intended with bio eggs, traditional Cypriot sausages, lounza, homemade marmalade, olives and anari topped with carob syrup, or would rather opt for brunch time fancies with a modern twist – think smashed avocado and poached egg – there will be something to satiate your palatee. The omelettes on the menu are rather popular too. filled with deli meats and veggies!

For more information call + 357 99 036321

Address: 1 Grigori Afxentiou Street, Politiko, Nicosia

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Ζachari kai AlatiKakopetria, Nicosia

At the right dose between modern and homemade, the area of the patisserie “Zachari kai Alati” (Sugar and Salt), in Kakopetria invites you for a stop for dessert and coffee, but also breakfast with an interesting platter of options. You will find beverages, sweet flavors, among them sweets made with taste, quality, pure ingredients and traditional recipes, as well as a rich and filling breakfast, which is served on Sundays from 10.00-13.00. Breakfast includes eggs, halloumi, village lountza, sausage, bread, butter, seasonal fruits, etc.

For more information call + 357 22 922474

Address: 52, Archiepiskopou Makariou Street, Kakopetria, Nicosia

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In the heart of Pitsilia, in mountainous Nicosia, you find Platanistasa, a small village. There you will find a brand new place, called Boukkoma (Boukkoma means breakfast in Cypriot Greek dialect). Boukkoma is a unique place created by a young chef, in the building of the Youth Center of the village. At this place, you will have the opportunity to admire the enchanting hazelnut forest, which extends to all the ravines surrounding the village. Take a seat and get ready to enjoy its unique dishes, offered on weekends! On the menu, you can find tasty suggestions, with seasonal ingredients, traditional pies and local cold cuts.

For more information call + 357 95966252

Address: Platanistasa, Nicosia

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To Steki tis Tsakkistras

Already looking for your next weekend getaway? Somewhere between the mountains, is Tsakkistra, a small village. There you can enjoy a rich and traditional brunch combined with the stunning view of the restaurant ‘’To Steki tis Tsakkistras”. At this family cafe – restaurant, Mr. Takis with his wife, Mrs. Theofano, and his children serve homemade food, inspired by the Cypriot tradition. Combine the visit to the restaurant with your trip, the beauty of Cypriot hospitality, relaxation and delicious homemade food!

For more information call + 357 99 271296

Address: Tsakkistra, Nicosia

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