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Nicosia Tourism Board, as a partner of the European project “Cult-CreaTE”, participated in the 4th Interregional Workshop of the Cult-CreaTE Interreg Europe project, which took place online on February 9, 2021. The theme of the event was “The improving governance and business models to enhance the contribution of the Cultural and Creative Industries to Cultural and Creative Tourism ”/“ Improvised governance and business models for CCIs contribution to CCT development ”.

The 4th Interregional Workshop was organized by the City of Cork, Ireland and was attended by project partners, as well as local cultural and creative actors. The organizers of the workshop presented the creative and cultural enterprises of Cork that contribute to the development of Creative and Cultural Tourism of the city, as well as the initiatives of the local government to promote Cork as an alternative tourism destination.

In addition, representatives of the European Cultural Tourism Network ECTN, a scientific partner of the Cult-CreaTE project from the University of Barcelona and others, presented proposals to support local businesses in the cultural and creative sector, emphasizing the role of public administration in creating incentives and measures. Integrating them into policy tools, such as Operational Programs, local and regional, should be the main goal of administrations. In this regard, the contribution and role of collective bodies that represent small and medium enterprises in the creative and cultural sector, such as chambers, associations, clusters for guidance and support in business, is very important.

Nicosia Tourism Board, in the context of the workshop had the opportunity to present as a good practice the structure of the organization of NTB and its role as a body of culture, tourism and creation in the Province of Nicosia. Reference was also made to the synergies with local authorities and tourism to highlight the activities of small and medium enterprises in the cultural and creative sector, as well as the intention of NTB to promote Creative and Cultural tourism through the Action Plan prepared in the framework of the Cult- CreaTE. Also, Nicosia Tourism Board had the opportunity to present a series of actions implemented with the aim of promoting Cultural Creative Enterprises, with the main action being the co-branding initiative with the Ngage logo, in an effort to coherently promote and promote Cultural Creatives Businesses of the city as main pillars of development of Cultural Creative Tourism.

In April 2021, the implementation of the Action Plans of all partners is expected to begin, with the aim of implementing actions to improve the competitiveness of small and medium enterprises in the creative and cultural sector and the development of tourism products, with the first results to be presented in November 2021.