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Nicosia Tourism Board in the context of repositioning the city and region of Nicosia on the tourist map and facilitating accessibility to tourism, participates in the European Program Facilitating Accessibility in Support of Tourism (FAST).

Accessibility problems create particular difficulties for people with disabilities when traveling as tourists to different places. The FAST program aims to facilitate accessibility in tourism, through the introduction of the institution of “Accessible Travel Facilitator” (ATF), which aims to improve the quality of services provided to tourists with disabilities.

In particular, the “Accessible Tourism Assistant” will serve the needs of tourists with disabilities at a low cost, so they can enjoy their vacation safely. At the same time, the program aims to highlight the importance of vocational education and training centers, through which the candidates “Accessible Tourism Assistants” will have the opportunity to develop their skills and abilities.

The program is funded by Erasmus + (KA2) and involves partners from Slovenia (SŠGT Maribor, INUK), Greece (OECON Greece), Austria (BEST), Portugal (SPI) and Cyprus (Nicosia Tourism Board and DekaPlus Business Services Ltd). The program will be completed in September 2022.

Nicosia Tourism Board

Nicosia Tourism Board is a non-profit organization founded in 2007 as part of the strategic planning and plan of the Ministry of Tourism.

The purpose of Nicosia Tourism Board is the development and promotion of both the city and the region of Nicosia and their transformation into a quality year-round tourist destination. In order to achieve its actions, NTB cooperates with various bodies at local, regional and international level, both in the public and private sector. Its main pillars of activity are cultural and creative tourism, conference and professional tourism, religious tourism, sports as well as wellness tourism. Website: