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Subject:“Memento” Nicosia Souvenir Competition
‘MEMENTO’ Nicosia Souvenir Competition

Terms and Conditions

1. Participations are welcome from individual designers or team of designers.

2. Each participant should submit three different designs since the aim is to produce three souvenirs of different cost.

3. Each participant should be able to know the material of which the products will be made, where they could be made, as well as their cost. The cost of production of the most expensive of the three souvenirs should not exceed 5 euros.

4. The three designs to be submitted by each participant can be based on the same pattern or be completely different between them.

5. The production of the souvenirs can only be made after the placement of an order by Nicosia Tourism Board. The designer cannot produce or sell these souvenirs.

6. The copyright of the products will belong to Nicosia Tourism Board. However, the name of the designer will appear on the box/package of each product.

7. The winner of this competition will be rewarded with 500 euros while their work will be advertised by Nicosia Tourism Board.

8. Participations may be submitted by Octomber 15, 2017 at