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Μουσεία με Έκπτωση
  • Byzantine Museum and Art Galleries of the Archbishop Makarios III Foundation: 10% off entrance fee
  • Cyprus Food and Nutrition Museum: 15% discount on purchases
  • Centre of Visual Arts and Research: 10% discount at the gift shop
  • A.G. Leventis Gallery: 40% off entrance fee
Μουσεία με Δωρεάν Είσοδο Ήδη (δεν χρειάζεται έκπτωση)
  • Museum of the George and Nefeli Giabra Pierides Collection
  • Cyprus Police Museum
  • State Gallery
  • Cyprus Railway Museum
  • The Museum of the Hellenic Force in Cyprus
  • Folkloric Museum in Pedoulas
  • The Leventis Municipal Museum of Nicosia
  • The Pancyprian Gymnasium Museums
  • Museum of Cypriot Coinage
  • National Struggle Museum
  • The Cyprus Museum of Natural History
  • Christos Shoemaker Museum
  • Cyprus Postal Museum National Guard Commandos Museum
  • CyBC Museum of Broadcasting
  • Press Museum
  • The First Industrial Labaratory of Agia Varvara
  • Pedoulas Byzantine Museum
  • Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre
  • Historical Labour Museum
  • Nicosia Water Board Museum
  • Heroes Museum
  • Point Centre for Contemporary Art
  • Eliomilos Museum
  • Museum of Folk Art, Tradition and Heritage in Platanistasa