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For all your weekend excursions and day trips, Nicosia’s culinary charm expands beyond its busting center. The outskirts of the city offer their own unique gastronomic experience with hidden gems, such as restaurants, traditional coffee shops and vineyards, which retain a delightful blend of tradition and natural beauty that speaks directly to the heart of locals and foreign travelers.

A visit to Machairoxoria villages such as Lazanias, Gourri, Fikardou, Farmakas and Kampi is an opportunity to savor picturesque landscapes, while appreciating fine architectural details and historical moments. With everything from cobblestone pathways to quaint churches from centuries past, visitors have the opportunity to delve into the history of the destinations.

Machairoxoria is also defined by breathtaking natural landscapes, local delicacies, fresh ingredients and vineyards that produce exceptional wine. There is a palpable scene of enthusiasm in the villages’ local which further enhances the warm and welcoming atmosphere you encounter upon visiting.

Tap into the roots of the village’s heritage by indulging in the rich flavors on offer, taking in their natural beauty and immersing yourself in their unique culture.

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