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Nestled in the far east of a Mediterranean island, Nicosia offers an irresistible culinary experience that can even tempt the most dedicated dieters. The city’s abundant harvest of sun-kissed fruits and vegetables is bursting with freshness, practically leaping from the vine onto your plate. Shaped by a history of conquests from great eastern empires, Nicosia’s cuisine boasts a treasure trove of Oriental herbs and spices, creating a tapestry of rich flavors. Delectable meats leave an impression on your taste buds. This cultural epicentre welcomes culinary maestros from diverse backgrounds, resulting in a captivating fusion of tastes that crafts unforgettable dishes, elevating your senses.

Pro foodie’s tip:

Embark on a culinary journey that weaves together a fusion of cultures at Pralina Experience, Cookshop, Skinny Fox, Tokayo, Tode-ti and Kuzumba. These restaurants expertly merge flavors and cultural traditions from diverse regions, delivering a swift culinary journey with each bite.

Indulge in the Mediterranean delights at Beba’s, Vintage, Topika, Aigaion, Pantopolio Kali Orexi and Tsipouraki – Mezedaki where you will savour dishes so flavourful that you might be tempted to break a plate and shout “Opa!” like the Greeks do in sheer satisfaction.

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