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Nature has bestowed a blessing upon the Nicosians, gifting us with an abundance of fresh, delectable products. Here, fresh and flavourful products are not just a tradition; they’re a way of life. Don’t miss the chance to experience the true essence of our city – the unmistakable freshness that fills the air. As you wander through the streets of the city, the aroma of fresh produce wafts towards you, a delicious promise of culinary delight. Treat yourself to mouthwatering cheeses and cold cuts from Kantina food and wine or pick up some freshly harvested fruits and vegetables from Palia Apothiki and at the outdoor OXI veggie market every Saturday. 

For a sweet local twist try Hurricane Bakery and Melissa Confectionery. Check also Bakali for some earthy spices and discover a world of nuts and Cypriot delicacies at Karpos Stavraki Athieniti, Marathasa Valley and the Nutzz Shop.

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