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A famous traditional eating habit is mezes. A feast for the senses, combining a variety of small, flavourful dishes that are meant to be shared and enjoyed with friends and family. The word ‘meze’ comes from the Persian ‘maza,’ meaning taste or snack. A typical meze spread includes both hot and cold dishes. If someone asks if you want to try a meze, remember it is not just about eating, it is about sharing, laughing, and creating memories. Immerse yourself in the flavourful history of Cypriot and Greek cuisine and discover tavernas with a warm hospitality and traditional dishes that will take you on a journey through time.

But beware, travellers: leave your diet plans behind, as they will likely succumb to the allure of Nicosian cuisine.

Zanettos, Mezostrati, Odofragma, Palaia Elia, Stou Oresti and To Istorikon.

Extra Tip! If you don’t fancy a wide variety of meze plates, check out Christakis Kebab House and Evroulla.

For traditional yiayia’s (grandmas) homemade recipes taste Mathaios Restaurant and St. George Tavern.

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