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As the Mediterranean sun sets, life doesn’t come to a halt in Cyprus. The carefree spirit of the Mediterranean continues from day to night, with each moment a testament to the enduring joy of life. Immerse yourself in the Nicosian way of celebration, and as the hot sun fades, cool down with a refreshing cocktail at one of the many bars and lounges in the capital some of them globally recognised for its pioneering mixology, diverse design, and welcoming atmosphere.

The choices flow like a never-ending river: Lost + Found Drinkery, Patio, Palia Pineza Bar, Notes & Spirits, Old Powerhouse, Balza, The Gym, Balcony and Seven Monkeys.

Extra tip! A must try concoction is the Brandy Sour, a Cyprus staple. Crafted with Brandy, Sprite, mint, and lemon, it is not just a drink but a journey to mindfulness, cherished by locals and international travellers alike. You can find it at Haratsi.

Plus, if you are lucky, you might catch the buzz at the Mediterranean Bar Show, where mixology takes the spotlight in April, or the Cyprus Cocktail Festival, a celebration of cocktail artistry.

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