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Drink wine to have life!” This Cypriot proverb, taken from the island’s folklore, perfectly expresses the importance that Cypriots attach to the wine: is not just a drink, is like a bottled embodiment of life’s very essence. The history of winemaking on the island goes back to 5500 B.C and has been present in moments of joy, sorrow, religious celebrations, and various social events, symbolizing life, and shared experiences. The mortals believed that the wine could be nothing less than a divine gift: a godsent liquid capable of bringing joy and vanishing grief. So don’t lose an opportunity and make wine your trusty travel companion, embracing your every mood.

Explore wine delights within the city at Barrique Wine & Deli, Vino Cultura and Hugo. Venture beyond Nicosia to Kalo Chorio Orinis village for the modern Aes Ambelis Winery with state-of-the-art facilities. Further into the Troodos Mountain area, discover the Santa Irene Winery in Farmakas village and the Anama Concept Winery in Lythrodontas village, offering a complete sensory experience. Long after you leave, you might find yourself yearning for Cypriot wine, much like the Greek poet Hesiod.

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